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Oh wow, this thing is still on.

I don’t know what’ll happen to the domain, but I’ll be shutting this down for a while.  Between the work I do at Robocognito, Game Creator’s Summit, iFest, IGDA Seattle and Seattle Indies, work with augmented reality applications at Jetstream, and I’m just not keeping up with it.  If you need to reach out, find me on Facebook, Robocognito.com, or IGDASeattle.org – no time for art blogs, gotta make games!  Some recentish stuff -





Ludum Dare 25:

The Cropduster is a 2d puzzle game; the player must direct a stream of ass-gas onto the target within a crowded church and escape before the victim wretches. Fans scattered around the church allow the player to maneuver their attacks as the Cropduster ruins baptisms, weddings, funerals and a bonus event. Click here to play it in your browser!


I did all the background and tile art (basically, all the pixels except for the people), and though it’s not my most top notch pixelry, it turned out to be a fun project.  This Ludum Dare was very different from past experiences – we started at IGDASeattle Game Night, a lan/boardgame party IGDA Seattle hosts once a month.  We actually picked up two new team members at that shindig, which was handy.


Here’s the sprite sheet I ended up generating; everything except the person is my work (Larry James did an awesome job generating all our people in the Charas utility!):


We ran out of time before implementing all the sprites, so unfortunately the finished product isn’t quite as polished, but it was still a great opportunity to work with some other devs.

Before and After: Lighting and textures for a procedurally generated trench run tile-set.