Ludum Dare 25:

The Cropduster is a 2d puzzle game; the player must direct a stream of ass-gas onto the target within a crowded church and escape before the victim wretches. Fans scattered around the church allow the player to maneuver their attacks as the Cropduster ruins baptisms, weddings, funerals and a bonus event. Click here to play it in your browser!


I did all the background and tile art (basically, all the pixels except for the people), and though it’s not my most top notch pixelry, it turned out to be a fun project.  This Ludum Dare was very different from past experiences – we started at IGDASeattle Game Night, a lan/boardgame party IGDA Seattle hosts once a month.  We actually picked up two new team members at that shindig, which was handy.


Here’s the sprite sheet I ended up generating; everything except the person is my work (Larry James did an awesome job generating all our people in the Charas utility!):


We ran out of time before implementing all the sprites, so unfortunately the finished product isn’t quite as polished, but it was still a great opportunity to work with some other devs.

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