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About Sean D Siem:

In 1993 I enrolled in a research & development class for the FWISD’s technology program. A short time later I was introduced to 3d Studio R3 from Autodesk and I haven’t stopped modeling since.

I coupled this with a period in the US Army Signal Corps where I served as an enlisted man and later earned my commision as a signal officer. After serving as a platoon leader & executive officer I left the army to pursue real-time 3d web deployment technologies.

Since then I’ve worked with both real-time & pre-rendered 3d modelling and animation and a variety of non-artistic technical positions related to e-commerce. Recently I have focused on traditional and digital sculpting, and find this provides an ideal artistic ‘middle ground’ between 3d modeling and the tactile joys of creating characters & designs in clay.

I’m also active in game development, working on multiple projects for a variety of platforms.

Some of my projects are for casual & social gaming, flash, and mult-iplatform distribution.

I’m also active with the Seattle IGDA, acting as event coordinator while we bring the chapter back to speed.

I’m interested in the fields of healthy gaming and therapeutic gaming as well.

Note:  Unless specifically stated, all artwork shown on sculptedpixel.org is the property of Sean D. Siem, who is the sole creator and owner.

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