robots will cleanse the system. with fire and flame and

Ludum dare – I’m lucky to be participating with some awesome guys, Team NO DISASSEMBLE, building an arena shooter.

Our hero:



The Arena:




More to come once we’ve finished the jam….

Loving on the pixels :D

So planning assets for a 2d sidescroller where you squish evil, evil lab workers for having the hubris of building you.  These are the walls, brushes and other design elements, the atlas is just temporary (ex-2d might rescue me from that!) – looking forward to popping little pixelly lemming people.

This is another project I’m working on in unity with my friend Brandon, whos quickly ramping up his unity-fu.

Also, my friend Brian needed some spaceship inspiration for some jmonkey tests he’s doing, and, after coming up with a couple of dogs, I settled on this:

 which is also just this scaled up:    I think some better highlighting will help, in addition to spinning the central fork part and tilting the ‘flaps’ as it banks left and right.  I know something is working in ultra-low res when my pixel design is making me want to build it in 3d.  Argh, and both the black box and white noise are transparency wonkiness.

And having just gotten back to town, also looking forward to Ludum Dare with Brandon, Jason and Brian.  Oh my this shall be a fun week :D

IGDA Seattle & Bungie present: Succeeding as an Independent Game Developer

I just wanted to post this here; our chapter really put on a great event, proud how all this came together. Giant thanks to each of the speakers, Tom and Bungie, hope to do another event with them in the future.